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Mobitim Corian Design Meubel

  • Commercial and professional

Corian® & Krion® for retail

Corian in shops

Distinctive brands demand the same quality of design and performance that their customers expect from the products they offer. fte specific needs of the retail sector, from chic presentation, to graceful service to a lasting sense of a wise investment, can all be met by the multiple benefits of Corian® & Krion®. Beautifully bespoke and receptive to unique detailing, Corian® & Krion® stand the test of time in sophisticated fashion.

Corian® & Krion® in transportation

Corian mobility

Design for the world of transport, whether by rail or air, road or sea (and their stationary terminals) presents unique challenges. From high-traffic wear and tear to high-end exclusivity, from air-pressure to marine climates, from potential passenger abuse to vibration and general movement, the conditions demand a strong, stylish yet flexible material that will function flawlessly for the long haul. The world of transport, from mega- yacht to motor-home, can benefit beautifully from everything that Corian® & Krion® bring to the journey.

Corian® & Krion® for workplaces

Mobitim can be used in offices.

A material subject to daily use must be not only durable, but also a pleasure to live with. The smooth, seamless workability of DuPont™ Corian® & Krion® can be employed to valuable and ergonomic use in office or learning environments, whether in a home studio, large commercial operation or educational facility. With a carefully created colour palette on offer, from the ever popular whites to subtly nuanced solids and intriguing textured choices, the ambience can be thoughtfully tailored to any objective or identity.

Corian® & Krion® for healthcare

Mobitim Corian Design Hygiëne

Clinicians have long had confidence in Corian® & Krion® for hygiene-critical situations, and this solid, non-porous, and seam- free resistance to cross-infection can also take imaginative and appealing form to enhance a sense of wellbeing. Appropriate and thorough cleaning methods keep Corian® & Krion® pure and fresh, while its non- toxic composition does not support the growth of germs, fungi or mould. This makes Corian® or Krion® the sensible solution for healthcare design... from integrated sinks in laboratory worktops to scrub rooms, theatre walls, information centres, nursing stations, children’s wards, cafeterias and patient facilities.

Corian® & Krion® at your service

Mobitim Corian Design Horeca

Versatile enough to meet the vision of any design scheme, DuPont™ Corian® & Krion® are also wipe clean and worry free, making it the ideal choice for the food and beverage industry. From preparation to service to maintenance, Corian® & Krion® caters to vibrant bar and dining environments with smart reliability. Aesthetic effects such as a blending of colours or the application of pattern, integrated illumination, projected images or 3D textures add to the creative possibilities.

Corian® & Krion® for hospitality

Mobitim Corian Design Hotels

Sensuous style, streamlined luxury, exotic elegance. Whatever a traveller may expect from their hotel, Corian® & Krion® can help to create the inviting ambience and pristine identity that distinguishes the experience as something special. Whether creating dramatic curves on a reception desk, sleek surfaces in the bathroom or atmospheric decoration in public areas, Corian® & Krion® offer a warm and memorable welcome.