• Applications

Corian® & Krion® in your kitchen

Mobitim Corian Design Keuken

In Corian® & Krion®, the comforts of beauty are equalled by robust reliability, easy maintenance and endless adaptability. Imagine a smooth transition from worktop to fascia, splashback to sink, food preparation to relaxed enjoyment. From the most minimal of aesthetics to maximal charm, the wide choice of colour, detail and design all come together to enhance the simple pleasures of living well.

Corian® & Krion® in day to day use

Corian® & Krion® are renowned for their dependable performance, Naturally suited to create the most welcoming of spaces, they adapt to innovative design ideas with inspiring ease. Corian® & Krion® not only propose a sense of trust and authenticity, their advanced composition mean that they can withstand the normal stresses and strains of public duty, yet also be restored to full glory in the case of any excessive wear and tear.

Corian® & Krion® in your bathroom

Mobitim Corian Design Badkamer

Sleek, warm and silky to the touch, Corian® & Krion® are surfaces made for contact. Add to that inherent hygiene and the ability to achieve flowing, streamlined shapes and you have easy-clean materials that are perfectly suited to the bathroom. Free from dirt traps, resistant to mildew, even repairable if necessary, Corian® & Krion® are at home in the most compact of cloakrooms and the most luxurious of spas.

Corian® & Krion® for intelligent surfaces

Corian for technological purposes

Corian® & Krion® look forward to an exciting future, not only through their invaluable longevity (since the ground-breaking invention of these solid surface materials, many of the earliest installations still perform impressively today) but also in its compatibility with ever evolving technology. From embedding touch- sensitive controls, LED lighting and audio- visual systems to its ability to be renewed and re-used, Corian® & Krion® are materials witch hold the future very much in mind.

Corian® & Krion® inside out

Mobitim Outside

Buildings in need of a facelift need look no further than Corian® or Krion®. Equally at home on a newly constructed facade as on a kitchen countertop, Corian® & Krion® can withstand exterior conditions while offering either minimalist purity or a range of fascinating design possibilities. Corian® & Krion® can be curved or carved, inlaid or printed, backlit or embossed. And whether helping to sustain a high-profile skyscraper or protecting a private residence, the advantages of durability, simple maintenance and a resistant yet repairable surface are easy to appreciate.

Corian® & Krion® lighting solutions

Mobitim Corian Design Verlichting

The ethereal translucency of DuPont™ Corian® & Krion® has encouraged a range of dynamic exploration in lighting design. A natural, radiant diffusion of the light in the paler colours has been further enhanced by the invention of a specific set of hues for enchanting illumination effects. Also, by thinning out or cutting patterns into the material and then backlighting the design, whether a shapely lamp, a monolithic installation or a graphic wall feature, brilliant concepts in Corian® & Krion® can take on luminous new life.

Corian® & Krion® furniture and features

Mobitim Corian Design Meubel

Whether as a working service counter, a stylish display system, a stand-alone piece of furniture or a decorative object of desire, Corian® & Krion® applie their malleability to meeting whatever need they were created for. Their beauty lies in their strength, however delicate the aesthetic aimed for in its design. Furthermore, Corian® & Krion® are harmonious with many other materials and offer an exclusive colour palette of timeless hues.